Monday, November 30, 2009

Everything is happening so fast ....

Everything is happening so fast! Fly into KLIA; took a train to IPOH. Spend some time with mum, dad and sister. Rested. Drove back to KL and met my manager. Told me about me about the scheduled interview tomorrow.

Slept. 7am in the morning. Breakfast. Hair and Make-up guys came at 830am. The hair stylist Nick Hew happened to my brother Jammond ex colleague back in IPOH and the make-up artiste Sue was an old friend. It's so good to be among friends.

1045am - Got ready and dressed for my first interview with the malaysian press - NST.

I am happy. I wanted so much to be interviewed here. So far all the interviews were done in Singapore. I am excited but nervous.

11am - No one came. My manager called and realised that the journalist had the time wrong. He is coming at 12 noon instead.

12 noon - Mr Dennis Chua from NST came. He was very nice. Congratulated me for getting the role of Rose Chan and we started to talk. Then came the photographer from Sin Chew. We took pictures at the Sky lounge of Hotel Maya.

Chatted with the photographer then came Hwee Chen the journo from Sin Chew. Nice. Very Nice. We chatted and very soon she has to leave. Have a quick bite.

Then from The Sun; Bissme came. I was a little exhausted. He was super nice. He asked me lots of exciting questions but somehow I guess I was too tired. I lost it. I know cause I can see that on the face of my manager.

At the end of the interview, I were asked to make up a sentence with a word from him - like Love, lust, marriage etc. I ended up explaining those words instead. Getting it all wrong without realising it. He continue to ask me questions as if there is nothing wrong.

He then asked me the simplest question about the kind of boyfriend I like. CHINESE I said. What was actually on my mind was the comparison of my ex boyfriend and my present one. My ex was a ABC wanna be. Studied overseas though Chinese but refuses to speak in Chinese. My present boyfriend a Taiwanese. Grow up in the US and back in Taiwan but speaks fluent Mandarin. I really hope my boyfriend is someone who can communicate with my folks. They can only speaks Chinese. If he happens to be a Indian, Malay or Caucasian then that's different.

As I said before. I am really not very good in interview. I think better writing this blog.

I finally realised that the malaysian press is very kind to me. When my manager told me that the next interview with The Edge has to be re-schedule. I were more than just glad.

Now I just have to wait and see what they really think of me :) Look out for the articles in NST, The Sun and Sin Chew in the coming week!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Going Home ...

I am now packing getting ready to go home to see my family and friends. It has been a such a long time ... I miss the food, the people and simply the pace - SLOW but definitely good.

My manager had arranged for me to meet the local media ( Malaysia) which is good. So far all the news are straight off from the Singapore press so I am so looking forward to meet the malaysian press. Hopefully they will be nice :) I am nervous. I am not really good with interview and I just can't fake it. I wanna be just myself. What you see is what you get.

BTW, have you drink CHOYA before? Found these pretty CHOYA inside 711 in Taipei. My manager said they are endorsing me for 2010. That's mean I will have lots of CHOYA to drink :) That's the power of "ROSE"

See you soon

Thanks KWKW ....

After reading KWKW's blog below I called my manager to ask how I can help!! That's a great man who deserve our help!

Thanks KWKW

From KWKW -Deeply Touched !!!

Giving up good life for dogs' lives

November 24, 2009

A 70-year-old man has taken to selling Singapore Sweep tickets and religious amulets on the streets so that he could help care for stray dogs.

Mr Lee Kwang Min spends at least $3,000 a month on his dogs, half of it to rent shophouses for them. The rest is spent on dog food, vet fees and travelling costs to feed the strays he finds on the streets.

The bachelor has already spent his life savings, including his CPF savings, to help the dogs.>>

Comments from KWKW
After reading this article , I for once simply can't believe that such a person do exist on mother earth, the saying goes like this " good man die early " I was put to shame after reading what he did for all the stray dogs.. To think that I actually treat my dogs good enough. This remind us that CPF savings can be use for good deeds rather than lavish on china woman... at least Mr Lee know that even though he finished his CPF savings ,the dogs will still stick to him with loyalty unlike those china woman who will left those old man once they suck dry their CPF savings.. No offence to china woman as what I refer is only the minority.

Mr Lee had been fined by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) . The AVA had taken 4 of his dogs away and in order to claim them back he had to pay more than SGD$2320 in fines ($200 for each unlicensed dog), handling and boarding charges, and licensing and microchipping fees. He actually went door to door asking for donations just because of some stray dogs !!

I was deeply touched by what he did and although I can't donate any money due to my overspending earlier in the month. I hope those out there who happen to read my blog and if you are able to donate no matter any amount , do contact The New Paper Hotline at 1800 7334455. Rest assure that this donation will go to his payment of fines rather than misuse.. I am rather sad that I am not able to help Mr Lee.. but what I can do is promise Mr Lee that I will treat my 4 dogs with Tender Loving Care in future... 101% TLC..

May God bless Mr Lee soul ...............

Monday, November 23, 2009

My encounter with Rose Chan's first boyfriend

When Eric Khoo called me for lunch a couple of weeks ago and informed me that I will be meeting Rose's first boyfriend I was somewhat excited but really don't know what to expect.

When I first walked into Zhao Wei film office, I was stunned by seeing a fresh face. An old man, with clean and well-ironed shirt, with his white hair, and mustache. I sensed something special about this man. I somewhat sensed Rose in the presence.

Edward Khoo is his name, Eric introduced him as Rose' first husband. (They didn't get married officially though)

So I sat down next to him, and the video cam starts recording. As I was introduced as Rose Chan by Eric, he give me the stare and I can sensed that his mind was flashing back all his memories with Rose.

He immediately told me that Rose had curly hair.

"She is a very fun girl to get along, she likes to play, and indeed, she is a very playful girl. She flirts, and she really have her ways of seducing someone."

Wow, somehow I knew that he really had a great time while Rose was with him, cause I can see a smile on his face as he described Rose.

He shared a lot of good times that he had with Rose, and telling me a lot of the essence of Rose Chan.
He shared that Rose never have a chance to go to school, or she doesn't have much happy childhood, as she have to work and earn for her own living since very young.

When he first dated her out,he brought her out for some outdoor activities. Hunting flying fox, bring her to have western food, bring her to swimming, he always like to 'throw' her into the pool and doesn't care if have to wet out her outfit. He found that very fun, cause he knew that Rose couldn't swim. That moment, he laughed over his mischievous young days.

Somehow I can see tears in his eyes. It's was a very emotional time for me. I see the love of this man for Rose even after she has passed away and it has been so long

He told me that Rose was very famous in a club in New World and Rose was always fully PRE booked by many customers; this somehow caught his attention wondering why is this girl so popular and he find it so difficult not to get to know her. He then continued to share that many men at that time would track down where she live, and grab the best opportunity/timing and ask her out.

Rose is very smart and from the table he will know who are the monkey boys and who are the bosses. (Money boys are runners.)

He asked her not work and become his Mistress. When she quit, she just couldn't stay at home. While he gave her a sum of money every time he's away for business trip, she will finish spending it, and will ask money from his friend.
They always argued over this issue, Edward suspect that she didn't spent it on material stuff and was addicted to gambling.
When he left Rose, she can get over the break up just in a jiffy, and get attach with a new man immediately.

Director Eric Khoo then asked me to act out a conversation with him in cantonese. We did and he was so emotionally challenged that Eric immediately asked me to stop. I can see that he was talking to me as Rose. Scary but almost surreal!

We then adjourned to lunch and I can sense that he was still observing me over the lunch.
He then shared with Eric that the way I shouted at him, was VERY TYPICAL OF ROSE CHAN.

Eric felt happy and feel even stronger to get Rose going, we are definitely moving to the right direction


Below is an article concerning the suicide of Korean model in Paris. It makes me wonder if she is getting all the pressure and loneliness at the top. This is something we cannot identify as a general public. There's a price for fame> I know I have to stay grounded though fame has yet come my way.

When the local press reported that Eric had confirmed me for the role of "Rose Chan" I have my minute of fame. Media came "rushing" to have a piece if me. As I said from my earlier post; generally the medias have been quite kind to me though there are some who prefer to make me look stupid :( I am not very good with interview hence this I started this blog where I can express myself more freely and for those who really want to know the real me :)

By JEAN-PIERRE VERGES, Associated Press Writer – Fri Nov 20, 7:09 am ET
PARIS – A 20-year-old top South Korean model who was a fashion week regular in New York, Milan and Paris has been found hanged in her Paris apartment, a police official said Friday.
Daul Kim was found dead Thursday by her boyfriend, who alerted French police, the official said. He declined to be named in accordance with policy.
Paris police were working under the hypothesis that Kim committed suicide, he said.
Kim's agent, Alessandra Bertoldini of the Next modeling agency, said the model's mother was arriving in Paris later Friday. She declined to elaborate.
Raised in Seoul and Singapore, Kim modeled in Asia before making her fashion week debut in Paris in 2007, modeling for top brands like Chanel, Dries van Noten and Maison Martin Margiela, among others, her Seoul agency, Esteem, said. She most recently appeared during Seoul fashion week in October.
Known for her thick mane of hair — sometimes dyed blond — and her quirky sensibility, the 5-foot-10 (178-centimeter) model was celebrated for her sense of style. She was featured recently in a commercial for designer Christopher Kane's line of clothing for British retailer Topshop.
Kim also was an accomplished painter and video filmmaker who had a solo show of her artwork in Seoul.
Bloggers in South Korea mourned her death, speculating she felt the pressure of high-fashion modeling and a loss of identity.
In an Oct. 30 entry on her blog, Kim wrote she was "mad depressed and overworked," and in another entry said "the more i gain the more lonely it is ... i know i'm like a ghost."
The last entry on her blog, dated Nov. 18, was titled "say hi to forever" and carried a video of the song "I Go Deep" by British singer Jim Rivers.
South Korea — which has the highest suicide rate among the 30 nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development — has had a string of high-profile suicides over the past year.
Former President Roh Moo-hyun jumped to his death in May while embroiled in a widening corruption scandal and the ex-chairman of South Korea's oldest conglomerate killed himself earlier this month. In 2008, top actress Choi Jin-sil committed suicide, following in the footsteps of a fellow actor. A young actress in one of South Korea's popular soap operas also died by suicide.
Associated Press writers Jean H. Lee, Kwang-tae Kim and Yewon Kang in Seoul contributed to this report.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thank You!

I am so happy to be able to interact with those who are following my blog. Just received an email with some great info on Rose. Thank you for being part of the "making" Thought I should share it here too :

Rose Chan

By Ong, Christopher written on 2009
National Library Board Singapore

Comments on article: InfopediaTalk

Rose Chan (b. 1925, Soo Chow (present-day Suzhou), China d. 1987, Penang, Malaysia) was born Chan Wai Chang into a family of acrobats. She became famous throughout Malaysia as the "Queen of Striptease" in the 1950s for her sensational acts, which included a circus stunt known as the "Python Act" where she wrestled with a python. For her generosity, she soon gained another moniker - the "Charity Queen". She was diagnosed with breast cancer around 1980, and after a long battle with the disease, died at the age of 62 on 26 May 1987.

Early life

At the age of 6, Chan moved to Kuala Lumpur to be with her adoptive mother. While she knew who her birth mother was, she would only say to a newspaper, the New Sunday Times, "I know who my mother is, but I don't want to say." She had no formal schooling, except for a brief 8 months at the age of 12, and took on various jobs in the then-Malaya, such as working at a shop making buttons out of coconut shells. At 16, she was married off to a Singaporean harbour contractor as his fourth wife. However, the marriage ended after her mother made frequent monetary demands on Chan's husband, asking for $1,000 to $2,000 each time she visited the couple.


Chan's failed marriage led her to become a cabaret dancer at the Happy World, later known as Gay World, Amusement Park in Geylang to earn some much-needed income. She was an accomplished dancer, as shown by her runner-up placement in the All-Women's Ballroom Dancing Championships in 1949. Her beauty was also evident as she finished runner-up in the Miss Singapore Beauty Contest the following year.

As she was already a highly popular cabaret girl, she had started her own show in 1951 and toured the whole of Malaysia. It was in 1952 that her career really took off. That year, her bra snapped while she performed at the Majestic Theatre in Ipoh, and the audience responded with thunderous applause. The audiences favourable response led her to change her routine from then on, as she made her name for herself as the "Queen of Striptease". As she famously said, "Everybody clapped very hard, and I thought, 'Here I dance all night and sweat so much and nobody claps. My bra breaks and they clap'". Her new stage act was revolutionary, including daring deeds such as bending iron rods stuck to the base of her throat, having motorcycles ride over planks placed across her body, and the "Python Act", where she wrestled with a large python, even coiling it provocatively around herself.

However, while her suggestive acts brought her much success, they also caused her to have several run-ins with the law. In 1967, she was banned from performing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, after a police raid on her revue at BB Park found that she had gone against her no-stripping promise made when she applied for her performing license. She was then arrested for performing indecently in public in Perth, Australia, in September 1970, and as a result, she was acquitted in court. A month later, but again in Perth, she was found guilty of accepting money for sex at a massage parlour. Her fine was A$60. By 1973, her performing licence in Malaysia had been taken away by the authorities. Undaunted, Chan continued performing until 1976, when she performed her last striptease in Kuala Lumpur.

Controversies aside, Chan was also known for her generosity. She would donate some of the proceeds of her shows to charities, including those benefiting children, old folk's homes, Tuberculosis patients, and the blind. She was dubbed the "Charity Queen" afterwards.

Chan's life continues to be a fascination for many. In August 2008, a Singaporean theatre group The Theatre Practice staged the play I am Queen, which tells the story of stripper Betty Yong, a character modelled on Chan. MediaCorp Raintree Pictures has also announced that they will be making a biopic of Chan's life. The movie, entitled Chinese Rose, is to be helmed by director Eric Khoo.


First husband: A Singaporean harbour contractor, name unknown.

Second husband: Mohamed Nazier Kahar, an Indonesian.

Third husband: Chong Yew Meng

Fourth husband: Name unknown

Fifth husband: Low Kim Seng

She had two sons and four daughters.
Two sons: She had a son from her first marriage whose name is not known and a son from her third marriage by the name of Chong Weng Thye.

Four daughters: Jennifer and Irene Chan. The names of her two other daughters, one of them adopted, are not known. At a young age, Jennifer and Irene were introduced to the press in 1974 as her protégés. By then, she had taught them to sing and dance.


Christopher Ong

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The information in this article is valid as at 2009 and correct as far as we are able to ascertain from our sources. It is not intended to be an exhaustive or complete history of the subject. Please contact the Library for further reading materials on the topic.

Chan, Rose, 1925-1987
Women dancers--Singapore--Biography
Women entertainers--Singapore--Biography
Women dancers--Malaysia--Malaya--Biography
Women entertainers--Malaysia--Malaya--Biography
Business, finance and industry>>Industry>>Leisure and entertainment

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Roses everywhere

I feel like I am going back in time. I am in Yi Lan 50 mins drive down south from Taipei. It's so beautiful.

Election's posters ( I understand that the State governor election day is around the corner) were everywhere and beautiful scenery of padi fields as we drove down. What a sight! Yi Lan is also known for it's hot spring and it's everywhere even in the apartments and hotels.

I am blessed with a friend who happened to be a tour guide and he asked me what I hope to find and I said -. FOOD of course!
He then brought us to the TRADITIONAL ART MUSEUM in "LAO JIE" ( Old Street) filled with old heritage building. I felt like a child all over again; all the retro candy store (古早味), where they keep the candies in the big glass tub. I don't think we can find them on Singapore or Malaysia anymore. I thought of Rose if she lives thru this era.

Then I found Rose here. hahahha... A Rose lollipop. I also bought myself this little game - Sand bag, or Bean bag?
I wonder if anyone will likes to play bean bags anymore but I used to call myself the 沙包冠军! The champion of the bean bags. Nehh, i wasn't that good, but I really like them. I used to make these bean bags during my primary art classes.
It's simple - Put the beans or rice inside the little cloth, then use thread and needle to sew it together. DONE!! and this is the game that bring back the memory of my younger days with my mom and my sister - everything can be so simple!

The next day we went to visit the biggest plum making factory in Yi Lan. Plum is a known produce of Yi Lan.
My friend's cousin who owns the factory broughtg us round the factory. Though I don't really like plum, but drank the plum juice because the owner told us that it is good for the throat and he claimed that many singers drink this to protect their voice.... OOOH yea, and I have TWO! hahaha... Here comes the KIASU spirit. :P

Well, it was a fun and brand new experience. I have not visited factories since my school trips and I wasn't interested or pay any attention then. Glad I did it now :)

My encounter with a python

check this link -

If you have read my earlier reports; I am terrified by the mentioned of snakes. Yes, since young while watching the National Geographic I told myself that I will never go near this creature. As they say - Never say never.

When I first auctioned for the role of Rose Chan, director Eric Khoo show me some picture of Rose Chan performing with a python. I was scared and asked if I have to do that. Yes! said Eric. I almost turn down the role as I cannot imagine how I am going to handle that and I left with this thought that I may not even get the role.

Weeks ago while talking to Ling from Fly Entertainment; she mentioned that model/actress Michelle Goh did a magzine cover with a python long ago and it's not that scary. Immediately my manager asked if she got the contact and if I can meet the owner. After a few calls Ling told us that the owner of that python no longer contactable.

The next day, Ling called and said that she had found another python owner. The owner Yussof had an encounter with Rose Chan when he was 12. I was drawn to him. I wanna meet him and know more about Rose. We met the next day at Fly's office.
Yussof was a nice and easy guy. When we meet that day, d he asked if I have touched or handled any animals that day. Yes. I have play with bebe (my brother's Jacob's dog) this morning. He then asked me to clean myself throughly. Relax - he keep telling me. He probably can see how nervous through my eyes. Yes...I am damn scare lor.

He opened his basket - just look at it he insisited. He introduce the python as Mr Bean. I laughed - Mr Bean?? and continue to listen to him. Just touch it slowly and I did. It feels COLD. After a few minutes he held the python on his neck and before I know it; he put the python over me and I were FROZEN. Deep in my heart; I told myself that only I can help myself to overcome this fear. U thought about all the negative responses from friends about me playing Rose Chan - I told myself - I can't let those who believe in me down - Eric Khoo who has given me this chance; my brother, my manager and friends who were behind me even before I got this role. I need to be very professional.

Slowly but surely, the python got friendly with me and somehow we "got along" :) I sat down with Yussof and he told me of his first encounter with Rose. Rose was a brave woman and she told Yussof that she has a better python and bought him to see it.

The next day, they python was bought to the studio and photographs were taken with it. Now, I have crossed my biggest hurdles and I look forward to many more challenges.

Meeting Roses' last bf ...

Eric Khoo's office just rang up my manager to check if I am available first week Dec to meet Rose Chan last bf?

Yes! Of course! Only through them that I can really find out more about her. I want to be able to protray her as close as possible. I have yet gotten to post my meeting with Rose Chan's firs bf because I really need to clear with him before posting about my meeting with him. I want him to be comfortable. He is a great guy and I know he still loves Rose Chan deep in his heart despite what had happened. He said my hair got to be more curly :) That's so much I can say for now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Keeping it Real!

Did you get a copy of 8 days this week? Thanks Wang for her encouragement. Thank you for writing this letter. Truly; I was just trying to be myself.

My manger called me when my cover story for 8 days came out last week. "My sister said that you looked great on the cover but you came across stupid in the interview." I read and was sad how the story was presented but I realized that every journo has a right to form his/her perception but I do think the media plays a very important role to form that perception.

I don’t not know how to put it in simpler term. Sometime it takes just an interview to put an aspiring artiste down. Think of the effort of the many people and money put together in a movie or just a music CD/album

It just take a stroke of words – bad production, thrash it , don’t watch it, etc ….. these words may cause many readers or listerners to not go watch the movie or buy the CD.

Maybe it’s just not the genre or style that journo hence it doesn’t mean it’s no good enough for others.

Like my mum always say – “if you don’t have anything nice to say; don’t say. Then again...who am I to say. I am just a newbie :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's getting cold ...

One of the many things I like about Taipei besides the food is certainly the weather. I get to wear a lot more ... layers after layers during winter. Yes. it's getting cold here in Taipei.and many taiwanese will be starting to take some kind of herbal soup to keep their body warm.

Since I love eating in Taipei ( and I need to put on more weight for the role of Rose Chan) I will be writing a lot about eating here. During winter; herbal soup seems to be the fav food.

小毕, a friend I met her during my acting workshop (She's a great singer!) brought me to one such establishment where many focal celebs will come for their nutritious potion . So I reckon this must be the place to warm myself up while I am here. Check this out -

The soup is black in color and has a strong alcohol taste ... and yes, they slow cook with alcohol. And it is pretty expensive.

According to my friend that after drinking; some people
1) may get dizzy
2) may get a feeling of throwing out what you just drank
3) may even get a stomach upset. etc etc...

well ... honestly, it was really difficult to drink, but for sake of my health and my friend who bought me there, I forced 2 bowls of this herbal drinks down my throat.

Let's hope this will warm my body and improve my health. I need to make sure I get my body ready to meet Rose :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Sifu – Irene Ang aka Rosie of PCK

I grow up watching PCK. Never had I thought that the character on my TV set could one day be my “Sifu”. I am thankful that I finally get to meet her in person.

I first met Irene in Goodwood Park hotel when Eric Khoo intro her as the older Rose. She certainly looks very different from the character I knew from my TV set. She is more beautiful.

We got along as soon as we met, as we knew each other long time ago. Irene was excited about her role as the older Rose. She really doesn’t need this but I knew her love for acting caused the excitement. I am on the other hand was still clueless how blessed I am to have landed the role of Rose Chan. Her excitement made me realized that I should cherish every opportunity that comes my way. I hope one day I can be as established as her.

After meeting Irene, I were so excited that I tweeted and wanted to share this excitement with my friends on facebook but strangely I received a comments from a friend – who is Irene (Rosie of PCK) ?

I were like ??????? Everyone in Singapore, Malaysia and so say Batam will know and be familiar with her! Then I realized that not everyone shared the joy of my “success”

I am Rose

The day when the media reported that I have landed the role of Rose Chan; many were surprised. Who on earth is Christy Yow? Some said. I can only count my blessing. Ya … who is Christy Yow; a relatively “nobody” as reported by a local magazine. I immediately knew this journey will not be easy.

I received many congratulory sms-es as well as those “quick to judge” sms-es too. This saddens me. Sometime I asked myself if I really should or can I fulfill the role of Rose Chan. She is a strong woman and I am not.

“Don’t take on such a role”

“Why you want to act in a R-rated movie”

You need to strip wor”


In general, people are just quick to judge. Just because I am going to do nude scene made me a porn star? What are they thinking? I know out there are many concerned friends. I just want to let you know that you really need not worry – It’s an Eric Khoo’s movie you knowJ It will be shot beautifully.

By the way, I really don’t think Rose stripped for the sack of stripping. If she has a choice will she do it? But I do have a choice.

When I first auditioned for the role I were told of the nude scene. I was hesitant. I pondered.

Eric told me the story of Rose together with the script writer James Toh. Fong Cheng (another producer from Zjaowei Films) gave me lots of newspaper cuttings about Rose. I went home and did my own research. Immediately I knew I wanted to be Rose. There are more to the nude scene in Chinese Rose.

Her life; her struggle and her inner most feelings. How many people really know about her besides her being a striptease?

I want to tell her story. I want to be Rose!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taipei ...

I am in Taipei at my favorite 小笼包,鼎泰丰 with my baby of course. Since finishing my acting camp here I have fallen in love with Taipei all over again. Being here in Taipei is no longer the same beacuse now I know I will always have someone to take care of me. Thank you baby.

What I really hope to achieve here is a brand new accent. I know I just need to talk to everyone here in Mandarin. The guy over the counter inside 711...the girl at the restaurant and even the passengers in the train :)

For now ... I just want to enjoy the moment. I will tell you more about my stay here in Taiwan. It's getting late. Need my beauty sleep.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am Malaysian la ....

I am at Changi Airport waiting for my flight to Taipei. Yes, I need to improve the way I speak in Mandarin. Everyone is laughing at me. I speak with a malaysian accent. What's wrong? I am malaysian ma.

Met a college mate from Malaysia; Pei Min (see photo) who is working here in Changi airport. Asked her if she is being laughed at for having a malaysian accent when speaking mandarin. She stares at me!

This leads me to the fact that the entertainment industry is all about packaging. I need to speak a certain way; look a certain way to be accepted. But I really want to be myself. The comfortable me - the way I am. Can?

Now my manager is sending me back to taipei hoping that the environment can help me speak "properly" or the acceptable accent - the way the industry expects of me - hopefully with a taiwanese tone :)

I have to go. Got a flight to catch

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Just to back track a little. I started as a model and had the opportunity to appear on the cover of FHM DEC 2008. After it hits the new stand a local journalist Yun Hong from wanbao saw the potential in me and did a page 1 article and named me - 36C 马国波霸 the rest is history.

Somehow, I think this has lead me to the role of Rose Chan. Most of my interview will so how introduce me as 马国波霸. In one recent interview the journalist asked if I am offended or will I be afraid that the name will somehow limit my future development henceforth will be cast as a 波霸 in every role. Guess not. Haven't her see "Aunty United" where I acted as a demure nerd. I know I can take on many different role.

Since we are on this subject; one of the magazines that I recently appeared on the cover said that they somehow can't place my face. I look a little a b c and a little like d e f etc... Hey, I am new lah.

I feel that being able to look different everytime means that I can somehow take on different role. So relax. Give me time to find my right fit. Don't be too early to judge :)

I want to end this post by thanking Yun Hong to start my career in showbiz and always interested in what I am doing

I have just met Rose Chan first boyfriend. Will be posting my experience with him. So hang on!

The Beginning ...

I have decided to start blogging because I really want to do justice to Rose Chan the role I will be taking on when Film maker Eric Khoo starts filming "Chinese Rose"

For a start; I am definitely overwhelmed by the fact I am on the covers of 3 top entertainment magazines here in Singapore. Loved the covers. I wanna thank all the crew behind the covers for making me look so beautiful.

I know it's unusual for a newcomer like me to be on the covers of all 3 magazines; let alone 3 top local entertainment magazines. I want to start counting my blessing. Thanks to "Rose Chan" and Eric Khoo for believing in me.

One of the main reasons why I want to start blogging because I want those who care about Rose Chan to be assured that I do take this seriously. Being new comer I am expecting criticism to come my way.

One of my friend called me this morning to say - "Hey ... you looked fabulous on the covers!" ... but you sounded bimbo tic and dumb. Not very flattering indeed. Rose Chan is definitely not dumb. She is the smartest woman I know. I am not saying I am Rose Chan. I can never be her but I want to get into character.

The medias have been very kind (so far) to me but the recent interviews seem to do otherwise. I sounded almost retard in the interview or rather how the writer wanted me to sound.

I was just trying to be myself for every interview. Instead I am called "unglamourous and unsexy" and I am definitely not an angel. Well .. that's his "superficial" observation I must say.

For all these ... I am going to prove him wrong.