Sunday, March 28, 2010

Me & U this week

Have you got yourself a copy of U Weekly. Yes, I am on it's cover :) For those who are not in Singapore; here is the cover for you to see. Sorry for not updating my blog because I am busy filming but I hope I can take more time to update you about what's going on in my life

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

過了愛作夢的年紀 轟轟烈烈不如平靜 ...

What's love?

My manager posted a song by 黃小琥 entitled 沒那麼簡單 in his facebook. I know he is trying to tell me something. Yes, I know everyone is concern for me - my work, my life and my relationship. I may look clueless all the time but that's how I am. "Looking lost" doesn't always mean I am lost! Sometime I just don't know how to best respond to a situation. Everything I do seems wrong.

I tried my best but somehow my best don't seem enough.

I want love and I need love. I need the 愛作夢的年紀 and 愛的轟轟烈烈 的 period before I really understand why one rather 不如平靜. I am just like any girl my age who want to experience how it feels to be in love and even if I get hurt one day - at least I can say - been there done that. Of course like every girl - we want our fairy tale romance. Thank you for telling us 過了愛作夢的年紀 轟轟烈烈不如平靜 ...

Love me for who I am

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yesterday was the beginning of my big screen acting debut for "Love Cuts"《割爱》the Movie - Filming Commencement Ceremony. I will be acting with MediaCorp's Ah Jie Zoe Tay. I am sure some of you have read some of the reports today. Well here is one - log on to find out more!!

I will start filming on wednesday. I am stressed but excited. Really don't know what to expect. Shi Xuan; my new acting caoch has been spending time both at my home as well as hers for the past week to get me ready for the role. Somehow I feel everyone has a different expectation of me in the movie. Well, I just wanna do my best :)

Here are some photo to share with you guys :)

Wish me luck ya