Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Ex - No. 1 Thai Horror Box Office Hit! Coming to local theatres 28 January 2010!

I love horror! What about you? Clover Films will be bringing in the No. 1 Thai Horror Box Office Hit! - MY EX to Singapore. I am excited and I am looking forward to see this movie.The trailer is quite scary. Here is the trailer -

Tell me about the best horror movie you have watched :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Me ...babe of the Year?

Wow has been a great 2009 for me and what's better way to close the year with winning the title - THE BABE OF THE YEAR!! I must really thank my lucky STARS! hahahaa they will include Terence my manager, Jacob my brother, Lim Teck and his lovely wife Paulyn of Clover Films, KWKW, Gary, Katherine, Evonne, Jiune,Patrick,David and all those who had voted for me :) Without your votes I will never be name BABE OF THE YEAR. Of course I must thank The New Paper for giving me this chance. The journo Kar Peng called me in Taipei to interview as well as telling me the good news - I have never won anything before so this will certainly be a great start for me.

So get a copy of The New Paper tomorrow morning. They says it's the only morning paper on boxing day - unwrap your pressie!!

Most importantly, I have Rose Chan to thank. You have placed me in the media spotlight so you are truly THE BABE :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feast fit for a KING ...

Have you been to The King Louis Grill & Bar @ VivoCity? I was there yesterday for a shoot. The food is great and it was truly a feast fit for a King.

The restaurant was built in a castle like environment and has a seaview that look across another castle in Sentosa. The view is awesome and you need to be there to know what I mean.

This is the first time I am working with a set of crew except for Jenny of Monsoon. The stylist Furqan is the funniest guy I have met on set. The photographer Jeff was the most sweetest and the most macho photographer I have seen with nice tattoo and the make-up artist Ernest was a darling. The were some much bitching on set but of good fun. Enjoyed myself very much. NO STRESS!!

I can't wait to see the pictures in print. Look out and in the meantime go try the food there's great!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Clover Films ...

Last sunday was the official opening of Clover Films started by Lim Teck (ex COO of Scropio East; incidentally the man to position SE to what it is today ) and his lovely wife Paulyn Chua. It is so good to see a great couple doing this for the love of films.

Lim Teck is someone very frank and if you are not "careful" you will be hurt by him but I know he meant well. In fact he is one of the the very first person who believe in me! He gave me the opportunity to sing the theme song for The Wedding Game and now the song for Kidnapper. He is also the person behind my debut film - Aunty Lucy Slam Dunk! Thanks Mr Lim

The opening of Clover Films was a heart warming event where you see friends instead of just industry people which include actors and singers like Nat Ho, Shaun Chen, Diya, Carrie, ChongQing, 933 DJs and even Christopher Lee.

I just wanted to write this post to Congratulate them - Thank you for taking local films to a bigger platform. All the best. Love you guys

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mis-Quoted yet again...

It has been a crazy week for me. Was at ILLUMA for 8 days 1000th issue event on saturday. It was great to see so many people there to support me. Thank you and for those who didn't managed to get a photographs taken with me I sincerely apologise for the chaos. I guess the organiser did not expect such a turn out especially for my segment but I am thankful for you guys who take time to see me.

Have you read THE NEW PAPER today? As I mentioned in my last post that I am nominated as babe of the year in their annual flame awards; I am utterly disappointed on how the article was written.

I was quoted saying that " ....Tabitha Nauser will be no match for onscreen mum and fellow nominee Aunty Lucy" - what I actually said that if I really hope that my mummy aunty lucy will win the babe of the year instead of Tabitha though I think she is super hot and I like her too.

It iwas also reported that ..."christy said she has always been pretty' when in the first para it said ..."reluctant to call heself pretty..." How contradiciting :(

This whole thing is just a game. I just hope the best man win!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Love the groove ...

I am nominated babe of the year alongside with Tabitha (Singapore idol top 3) and my mummy "Aunty Lucy" aka Dennis Zhou in this year The New Paper Flame Award. WOW.. what a honor to be nominated and be called babe of the year. Thank you!

It's sad to see Tabitha booted out last night in Singapore Idol. She is hot and she sang well. I agree with Dick Lee that she is the best and I really thinks that she is going to win SI this year but then again it's the viewer out there voting that's important.

As for me, I had great fun @ Eric Ng's (黄韵仁) home studio. First I got to meet my producer and vocal coach Jim ( 林倛玉) and then I believe is best lycrist in asia Xiaohan 小寒! I They are the team behind my recording for the theme song for Kelvin Tong's suspense thriller, Kidnapper《綁匪》

The song entitled 超乎想像. It's a fast number! Wow...I just love the groove. I am looking forward to start taking vocal and guitar classes @ Funkie Monkies. I know I need to be a all rounder entertainer if I wanna standout in this industry. I need to be more postive. I always feel that I am not good enough :(

For now, I know I can't say enough thank you for those who had given me all the opportunities. Love you all

Friday, December 4, 2009

Heart of Gratitude!!!

Got this from a friend on my mailbox and was deeply touched.
I just want to be thankful.

Just wanted to share,

A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet.. He held up a sign which said: "I am blind, please help." There were only a few coins in the hat.

A man was walking by. He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words. He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words.

Soon the hat began to fill up. A lot more people were giving money to the blind boy. That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were. The boy recognized his footsteps and asked, "Were you the one who changed my sign this morning? What did you write?"

The man said, "I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but in a different way."

I wrote: "Today is a beautiful day but I cannot see it."

Both signs told people that the boy was blind. But the first sign simply said the boy was blind. The second sign told people that they were so lucky that they were not blind. Should we be surprised that the second sign was more effective?

Moral of the Story: Be thankful for what you have.. Be creative. Be innovative. Think differently and positively.

When life gives you a 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear. Keep the faith and drop the fear.

The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling…

And even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it!!!

If you like, share.

Enjoy your day with a heart of gratitude

What would you do?

Trying to get some rest over the weekend before my recording on monday's night. Started my day by going IKEA to get some stuff for the house. Pop over to Anchor point for my lunch. You won't believe what happened!

I am sure most of you are familiar with BANQUET ( the foodcourt group) ? There is a mini BANQUET here and it's called BANQUET Signature. Does this simply means it's a better grade of "foodcourt" from the group. NO! NO! NO!

I ordered NASI UDUK. It was COLD. I ate it anyhow. Then when I was eating the chicken wing; there were traces of blood. The wing was obviously not properly cooked. I showed it to the staff who asked me to check with the supervisor.

Gues what happened? I told her that the food was COLD. She stares at me and from her eyes I can read - So what you want? I told her again that the food was COLD. She replied - We served it this way. Can you see that there are blood in the wing. She said - " ... if you want I can change the wing for you" and continue to do her work. There was no sign of apology!!

What would you do?

"超乎想像 一切太瘋狂。。。。"

Have you read Sin Chew Jit Poh today? Check this out - This is the very first article about me in Malaysia. I am happy. The journalist Hwee Chen had written exactly what's on my mind. THANK YOU! BTW, the director is 邱金海 and not 邱金河 as reported. Maybe typo la. Eric is an Ocean and not river wor.

As I have said in the interview; things are moving so fast for me. I just need to take a step and take stock of what has been done and what's coming 一切太瘋狂。。。。"

Just wanted to thanks Lim Teck for giving me the very first opportunity - first to sing the theme song of "The Wedding Game" then to act in Aunty Lucy (where I found my new best friend) and now to sing the theme song for Kidnapper!

I had dinner with both Lim Teck and his wife Paulyn yesterday and I am very happy for them too. I am excited about their new venture and looking forward to work with them on their very first film! I am among the first to get to see his new company logo. From the bottom of my heart - "All the best in your new venture. To the best husband and wife team in the film industry! Love you guys!!"

We stayed up till 230am and woke up 12 noon today to get ready for my singing session in Funky Monkies with Serene, Eric and Leslie. Loved the song - "超乎想像 " that Eric and Xiaohan have written for me and I can't wait to share it here once it's mixed!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Be humble ...

My Sifu Irene Ang once told me that one has to be humble no matter where our success takes us.

I finally met someone so well to do but yet so nice and humble. William Kee from The Star introduced Jacob Yeoh of YTL to me over dinner at TEEQ. ( TEEQ is the newest rooftop eatery in Lot 10. You guys must really check out this place whenever you are in KL.)He was friendly and there wasn't any sign of - " You know who I am"

This is the kind of attitude I don't see in him but met lots sometime in my course of work. When introduced; they would just tell you the who's who is their who's who or they manages the what's not. Can be quite irritating when someone wants to impress you with material things.

I missed my Sifu Irene Ang. She is an inspiration to me. Always telling me where and what I should do. Thank you Sifu for your great help in moulding me to be a better person.