Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making a movie with Zoe Tay

It's a dream come true!! Yes, I am making a new movie with Zoe Tay - the most respected actress on TV.

Am I stressed??!! Of course I am but I really wanna take this opportunity to learn from the best - Miss Zoe Tay; the Queen of caldecott Hill

This movie entitled - “Ge Ai” (割爱), tells the story of how a 40-year-old mother of two battles terminal breast cancer with dignity and courage. The movie showcases her struggles and how she inspires those around her, including a young model (played by me) at the peak of her career.

Like most women, I have never really thought about breast cancer; thinking that it will not happen to me. Now that I gotta the script; I started to do research and I am deeply touched and moved by the struggles of those women who has and had lived with it. In my research, I realised that many of us know about breast cancer and the importance of mammogram but how many of us really bother until it happens to us or those close to our hearts.The movie also tells the importance of mammography screening regularly as early detection saves lives.

I am thankful for the many people who believed in me and given me this opportunity - Lim Teck and Paulyn from Clover Films, Jacob my brother, Terence, my manager! <3 you guys :)

On the same breath; Rose Chan also died of Breast Cancer thus making me a step closer to Rose?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

FHM Singapore March 2010

Yes!! I am on the cover of FHM Singapore yet again :) This time I am more prepared for the shoot. The crew were nice but the weather was HOT. Everyone got so burnt except me though I worn the least :( Yes, lots of bikini pixs and a topless (yes again) pix for the cover. Thanks Gerald, Amanda, Kat, Darren, Tony, Joel, Shawn and the crew for being so patient with me!

This isn't plan. I accepted the FHM cover shoot sometime in Jan 2010 and the F*** cover shoot only came about in early Feb 2010 so I am wondering what you guys will say again. NAKED again? We didn't plan this and my manager was just saying the other day after the Chinese press here ran the story of me going naked for F*** - Oh mine; the FHM's cover will be out soon. 2 topless covers in a row. I looked at him and say - Errr ... it's already done and done in good taste so don't not worry la.

To me, I am so done with everyone's scrutiny and I really respect everyone out there and all journalists" jobs to report what they see and feel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about me. As an actress/model I just have to take on whatever role and do it well. As I said in my earlier post - I am proud of the female form. So enjoy :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Come Chill with me at LeNoir (Clark Quay)

I will be back to Singapore from Ipoh tonight :) I have a great CNY's holidays with both my family and friends back home. It has been such a long time that I have such a great break. 新年快樂!! to everyone of you out there!! and here wishing you 大虎送你搖錢樹,二虎送你貴人扶,三虎送你工作好,四虎送你沒煩惱,五虎送你錢滿箱!祝你五虎臨門,虎氣沖天,虎年大吉大利!

The journey back - 10 hours are no joke!!!!! :( my butt is almost flat liao! but I am glad to be back. Rested and ready to face the world again :) Next, I will be at the Choya's chill out event next week @ LeNoir on 26th Feb 2010 from 7pm. See you there ya.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I don't believe what I see online about my new picture for F*** magazine. For all my concerned friends and fanss - I am not totally NAKED!! at the shoot - I were well "taped" :) Professionally, I think the pictures were done with good taste. For the record; when I said " I certainly look amazing - awesome" I am telling the photographer thanking him but somehow the report did not include " Thanks Jeff." and made me sounded so pompous :(

For all the women out there - The form of a women body should be appreciated. I am proud of my body and I am most comfortable with it with and without clothes. I am not saying that we should flaunt it but the magazine shoot is just a job that I accepted and I just wanted to do it professionally. The magazine publisher had ran thru various visuals with me and my manager before the shoot and we feel that the looks bring out the form of the woman's body and I really hope that I have done a great job with it.

This is an inaugural issue of a movie magazine by a respectable publisher whose team was behind the very successful FIRST magazine. On the corresponding cover is Hollywood actress Uma Thurma. What an honour for me (a newbie) to be on it's cover too. I hope all you folks out there can support me and it sadden me to read all the nasty comments :(

My career is only beginning and somehow I feel really tired. I am so looking forward to the Chinese New Year break back home in Ipoh where life is simpler and I really missed my family and friends.

Just my wishes to you all for the year of the tiger - 俏虎妞金虎年虎霸四方,虎年威威!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Choya Party - Come Chill with me @ Le Noir

I really had a great time at the last CHOYA party. The Choya folks really know what a party should be! I don't feel like I was there to work and social instead they left me to drink, eat and enjoy the time there with my friends and fan! So when my manager told me this morning that the next Choya party will be on the 25th Feb 2010 at Clark Quay - wow ... already looking forward!

If you guys out there have time ... pls come join me for a Choya.

Our date - 25th Feb 2010, 8pm, Le Noir (Clark Quay) See you there!