Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making a movie with Zoe Tay

It's a dream come true!! Yes, I am making a new movie with Zoe Tay - the most respected actress on TV.

Am I stressed??!! Of course I am but I really wanna take this opportunity to learn from the best - Miss Zoe Tay; the Queen of caldecott Hill

This movie entitled - “Ge Ai” (割爱), tells the story of how a 40-year-old mother of two battles terminal breast cancer with dignity and courage. The movie showcases her struggles and how she inspires those around her, including a young model (played by me) at the peak of her career.

Like most women, I have never really thought about breast cancer; thinking that it will not happen to me. Now that I gotta the script; I started to do research and I am deeply touched and moved by the struggles of those women who has and had lived with it. In my research, I realised that many of us know about breast cancer and the importance of mammogram but how many of us really bother until it happens to us or those close to our hearts.The movie also tells the importance of mammography screening regularly as early detection saves lives.

I am thankful for the many people who believed in me and given me this opportunity - Lim Teck and Paulyn from Clover Films, Jacob my brother, Terence, my manager! <3 you guys :)

On the same breath; Rose Chan also died of Breast Cancer thus making me a step closer to Rose?


  1. Happy to hear your new project! Jiayou & Do Your Best!

  2. Wow !!!! Zoe Tay .... My all time IDOl !! It is ZOE TAY 1st Movie ????

  3. That's such fabulous news. It's a big boost to be starring beside the Queen herself! Isn't clover films the one you mentioned before in your blog?

  4. KWKW - nope is zoe tay 2nd movie :)


  5. Evonne>> oic, trust myself to be her fan yet don't know whether it is her 1st movie or not ... anyway thanks.. seems like evonne now is Cy spokesperson jor !! haha cheers !! :)

    All the best Cy ..

  6. hahahaha -__-'' i not lah :)
    jiayou christy! :D