Sunday, January 31, 2010


There will be a new movie mag out in Feburary 2010 and guess what!! I am on the cover ..yeah! Just before I left on my trip to Hong Kong my manager asked if I wanna do another photo shot ( he know that I am pretty tired cause I have been working non stop since the day I came back) ; I am glad I did! The cover look amazing!!

Thanks to photographer Jeff Chen of Calibre for making me look so good.( My manager always say that it's good to see me thru the lens of a straight photographer - guess he is right cause a straight man looking at a woman is certainly much more different)

I certainly look amazing - awesome. Thanks Jeff. Someone just asked if I always have to look so sexy in all my photos and will I not be afraid to be typecast? I guess not! I wanna do things that I still can manage now.

The new mag - FXXX (Film, Fame & Frank) is the brainchild of Royston Loh; the guy that started FIRST mag which became so successful that media giant SPH bought it up and then .... Well, this (FXXX) I believe will again be another milestone of Royston's love for movie. So look out ya :)

It should be out in the news stand by Feb 5th. So do support and get your copy but you get to see it here first :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ko Samui ...

This is the first time I go on a job without my manager. Thanks to Katherine & Amanda for being there with me. Ko Samui is a beautiful island but somehow I didn't managed to explore the island.

The resort we stayed was beautiful and the sun was soaring HOT. This must have been the most tiring shoot I ever had. We only managed to get 3 pix on the first day and the rest on the second. The team was great though I felt lots of tension at the shot!! I have met nice people like Shaun ( the nicest person on earth), Darren the stylist - great to work with you again after my first FHM cover, Joel the photographer - is nice to work with you again :) Tony - the first time we work together and hopefully more to come :) Someone commented that I have put on weight :( I am so glad I here for the FHM shoot before it's too late. As you may have know that I have to start putting on weight soon for the role of Rose Chan but somehow I love the thought because I can start eating without guilt - We live to eat or we eat to live?

I have been working non-stop since I came back to Singapore. I am tired but I am not complaining. Thanks to everyone who had given me the opportunities. I am so looking forward to the CNY break so that I can spend more time with my family and friends back home. I missed them!

As for you out there ... look out for a sizziling hot FHM March 2010 ya!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

CHOYA Party with ME :)

Party with me and they did. Thank you CHOYA for the great night out! Have you been to Lavaedge? It's a cool venue. Nice outdoor place to just hang out.

This partymade me realised that there are actually many nice people in the entertainment industry. Friends were there to support me - In the pixs are Lim Teck & Paulyn from Clover Films, David & Glynis from Foxtrot and the team from Choya - Eric & Joe for believing in me. Thank you!

Of course there were Katherine, Amanda, Evonne and many many others who made time to be there with me. It's a great party with good music, food, manicure, pedicure, airbrush tattoo and of course free flow of CHOYA Red! The next time you need a drink - drink CHOYA Red ya

Check out -

Interview with

It has been a crazy week but thanks to the people who had made it easy for me! For those of you who had followed my blog should know by now how much I don't look forward to any interview but somehow my interview with went on well . This has somehow had helped me gained confidence once again. I guess it must has been the environment!

For a start, I was most comfortable @ Monsoon 313 Somerset - Addy was a darling as usual making the moments most enjoyable. GG helped with my hair and I look like an instant STAR.

The journo Sharon was kind. Somehow I felt right when she started to interview me. I was not nervous at all :) This is not usual but I am glad. My interview will be up sometime soon on Will keep you updated when it's online :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

on my way back to Singapore ....

I have decided to fly via KL to Singapore because I missed my mom so so so so much. We met at KLIA this afternoon. Though it was just barely an hour; I felt her love for me. She bought with her "boiled soup" and cooked food! I felt so loved!! When we were younger somehow we feel embrassed when our mom brings us food and never appreciate the action. Now I truly know the love placed in every home cooked food. They tasted like heaven.

Told her that I will be going on a food programme tomorrow morning and she laughed at me - "You can't even fried an egg!" and continue to tell me what ingredient should go first and so forth as if she is preparing me for the programme. I am so thankful to have family members who are always there for me.

I started the day at 6am this morning to the airport to catch a MAS flight to KL and I know it worths every seconds! Love you mom

Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Home, Taipei

Just got back from Taipei and wanted to share some of my memorable moments there, I have met great friends and had a wonderful time there!

Will have a busy week before I head off to Ko Samui for a new FHM cover shoot for March 2010 :) Tomorrow morning call time is 6am!! and will shot a channel u food programme for a whole day and this will take 3 days. Interview with; as usual I am not looking forward. I am really no good with interview!! God pls help me :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Come Chill with me at Lavaedge

I have a great time in Taipei spending Christmas and the New Year there. Finally managed to see the New Year Day's fireworks out of 101! Awesome! The weather here is so good; you just wanna sleep eat and sleep. Feel so rested and ready to WORK.

I will be back in Singapore next week to do a couple of interviews as well as a new ad campaign for CHOYA :) Talking about CHOYA; they are orgaining chill out sessions in various bars and clubs every friday. Free flow of CHOYA of course, tapas and even free manicure and pedicure. Come and join me in Lavaedge next friday 15th Jan 2010. After which I will be going tp Koh Samui to do another FHM's cover shot for their March issue.

For now... I am just looking forward to come back to Singapore finish all the work required and head back home to IPOH. Missed my family dearly